SANFORD – This past month, Maine TREE partnered with Sanford High School JMG (formerly known as Jobs for Maine Graduates) to support an opportunity for students to learn about Green Jobs in Maine through in-class Project Learning Tree Green Jobs activities and a field trip to a local mill. On November 16th, Maine TREE joined a group of about 30 Sanford High students as they toured the Sanford Pleasant River Lumber pine mill. During the tour, students witnessed first-hand the exciting opportunities that exist within Maine’s forest community while learning from the Pleasant River Lumber experts, including General Manager Jamie Hall.

When asked about the experience, Jamie stated, “It was nice to see a big group of students that are interested in this industry. It is hard work, but this is what Maine is all about. Manufacturing Renewable Resources plays a big part in Maine’s economy. In order to keep this industry growing we need young workers to get into the field.”

Maine TREE is dedicated to joining with other members of Maine’s forest and education sectors to facilitate in-person opportunities such as this tour, which benefit members of the forest industry, educators, and students alike. “Sanford High School JMG was thrilled to partner with Maine TREE in setting up a tour of Pleasant River Lumber to educate students on job opportunities right in their backyard,” said Sanford High School JMG Specialist Cheryl Gifford. “Prior to the field trip, students learned about careers in forestry and the many opportunities it holds such as anything from mill work, to truck driving, and business operations. Students were pleasantly surprised to learn about what goes into running a lumber yard.” Cheryl’s student Austin Briggs stated, “I didn’t know about this company or what it takes to run a lumber mill until we went on this field trip. I thought how they don’t waste any materials was really cool, and I liked seeing how all the machinery worked. I am now interested in a job there when I graduate.”

Maine TREE looks forward to its continued partnership with JMG, exploring more ways to connect students with Project Learning Tree and the diversity of forest-based opportunities that exist in Maine.

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