Maine Project Learning Tree

Maine Project Learning Tree, a program of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and housed within Maine TREE, is an award-winning environmental education program and curriculum designed for teachers, informal educators, parents, and community leaders.

Certified Logging Professionals

CLP provides training and educational opportunities to Maine Loggers.  The program is committed to recognizing the skill and professionalism of those who meet and exceed our standards. 

Forests of Maine Teachers’ Tours

One of the Maine TREE’s most popular programs, Forests of Maine Teachers’ Tours, is over twenty years old.  Each year, the four-day tours focus on the growth, harvest, and processing of wood products in Maine. 

Forests for Maine’s Future

FMF is committed to educating people about the contributions Maine’s millions of acres of forestland make to our economy, our environment, and our quality of life. Each month we publish a Fresh from the Woods feature article about some aspect of the forest economy, science, biology, or recreation.