Keeping Maine’s Forests is a collaboration of leaders from public, private, and nonprofit organizations with interest in the future of Maine’s north woods, including land ownership, recreation, the environment, community development, the forest products industry, and conservation. KMF is a rare venue where discussion from different viewpoints occurs face to face. 

The group fosters trust by developing consensus around projects that advance the following common goals:

  • Maintain a stable or increasing flow of wood fiber;
  • Promote healthy forests – sustainably managed;
  • Safeguard key natural resources, particularly water resources;
  • Conserve and enhance key fish and wildlife habitats;
  • Provide abundant recreational opportunities; and,
  • Sustain local economies.

Through KMF, those who care about the future of the Maine Woods can share information and resources, promote sustainable forest management and conservation, improve stewardship of forest lands, and speak with one voice to state and federal elected officials.