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The Holt Research Forest is the site of long-term forest ecosystem research in Arrowsic, Maine. Maine TREE acquired the 350-acre property in 2014 through a merger with the Holt Woodland Research Foundation. The woods are predominantly a dry ridge, oak-pine ecosystem, in Maine’s coastal climatic and midcoast biophysical regions.


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The Holt Research Forest research plan emphasizes two goals: (1) Monitor long-term changes in the forest’s plant and animal populations; and (2) Document the effect of forest management on these populations.

Map of the Holt Research Forest

Every summer, interns are hired to live and work at the Holt Research Forest in Arrowsic. These internship opportunities that give college level and early career professionals an opportunity to gain valuable field and research experience.

Visit HoltForest.org to learn more about the Holt Research Forest and its decades of research


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Workshops and education programming has always been part of the HRF mission. A new outdoor classroom and interpretive trail are helping to increase opportunities to communicate with the public the findings and benefits of long-term forest ecosystem research. Maine TREE is excited to continue offering programs at the Holt Research Forest for the public to enjoy.

Holt Research Forest News

AboutResearchEducationProgram News

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