Aerial photo of woodcock habitat cuts at Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust. Photo courtesy of Landon Fake, Executive Director of GPMCT.

The Maine Tree Farm Committee is proud to announce that Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust has been selected as the Hancock County 2022 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year. The award selection committee met with GPMCT Executive Director Landon Fake and the Tree Farm’s forester, Forest Science and Management Consultant Roger Greene, to tour the Tree Farm this fall. The entire committee was thoroughly impressed with the pride and level of care that the Trust takes in the stewardship of its forest and believes the management ethic and history of community involvement of GPMCT fully uphold the core values of the Maine Tree Farm Program.

GPMCT is a public-supported nonprofit land trust established in 1993. The Trust owns and manages the 5000-acre Wildlands in East Orland, managed for recreation, wildlife habitat, and sustainable forestry. Of this 5000-acre parcel, 4500 acres are enrolled in the Maine Tree Farm Program and have been for over 11 years. The Wildlands are open to the public for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, horseback riding as well as hunting, fishing, and trapping. 

“We are a Certified Tree Farm because we want our visitors to know that sustainable forestry is an integral part of our mission. We also benefit from the resources available to us for educational materials and access to forestry professionals,” said Landon Fake. The Tree Farm mission also aligns very closely with GPMCT, making this Trust a perfect example of an Outstanding Tree Farmer. “Our goal to rehabilitate our existing forest, from early development stages into a healthy, productive forest of diverse, valuable species, complements our goals to enhance wildlife habitat, water quality and provide recreational, rejuvenating and educational experiences to our visitors,” Fake stated.

Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust trail map

“GPMCT’s board and staff are thrilled to receive the Hancock County Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year award,” said Fake upon being notified of the award. “It recognizes our commitment to sustainable forestry, the hard work of our forester, Roger Greene, and our productive relationship with the Ellsworth Field office of the NRCS.”

To learn more about the GPMCT, please visit Congratulations again to the Hancock County Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year!

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