For the 16th straight year, contractors in the CLP mechanical category will pay less for workers’ compensation rates. The CLP mechanical rate for new and renewal policies through April 2021 will be 49 percent less than non-certified workers. Maine’s rate for mechanical logging the lowest in the nation, saving the industry millions of dollars over time.

  • The conventional logger workers’ compensation rate has continued to drop overall since 2008. It is currently 60 percent less than the rate was in 1993. Again, one of the lowest in the country.
  • The Maine Department of Labor statistics for the most recent year, reports the incidence rate for occupational injuries and illnesses, for the logging sector is one half that of the national average.
  • CLP continues to partner with Maine’s Sustainable Forest Initiative and Maine Forest Service to promote the use of BMPs and sound forest management in Maine. In 2020 SFI has made a generous contribution to fund 100 additional onsite logging evaluations.
  • In the calendar year 2020, 25 new individuals in three classes, and 225 loggers in 12 online recertifications have participated in training and education. In addition, we continue to complete performance-based worksite reviews, which provide the opportunity for one-on-one coaching.
  • Maine TREE looks to expand the “value of certification” for loggers and will receive funding to partially pay for the cost of certification and recertification for the next three years. This is great news! 

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