The Certified Logging Professionals (CLP), a program of Maine TREE, is sad to report the recent passing of Erik Carlson of Edgecomb, owner of C and L Forestry.  Erik was a graduate of the University of Maine and had a career full service across Maine’s forest community.  We are grateful for his service as the Chair of the Board of Directors for CLP for a number of years, only recently stepping down due to his health.

Mike St. Peter, a longtime coordinator for the CLP program, said it best when he shared that “of Erik’s many talents and accomplishments, his skill and passion for cutting wood are at the top of the list. He did so with ability and integrity.”  Understanding the time horizon foresters and loggers take into account in their work, Mike noted that “forest stewardship was always Erik’s priority, and his legacy will remain in every woodlot he has touched.”  We couldn’t agree more.

If you’d like to read Erik’s obituary, it can be found here.

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