By Logan Johnson

Forests for Maine’s Future (FMF) began in October of 2010 by publishing 18 stories to FMF’s “Fresh from the Woods Archive.” Since then, we’ve published over 100 articles that tell stories from the Maine Woods. Topics range from forest ecology all the way to the communities that depend on forests and everywhere in between. 

The program started as a partnership between Maine TREE, Maine Woodland Owners, Maine Forest Service, and the University of Maine’s Center for Research on Sustainable Forests. In recent years, Maine TREE continues the program, finding immense value in sharing stories from Maine’s forests to provide insights about the future. 

Since the beginning, FMF’s mission has been to “promote sustainable forestry and educate people about the benefits and wonders of the forest that covers some 90 percent of our state.” That 90 percent includes 17 million acres of forest resources vital to Maine’s social fabric and economy. 

The future is here, and more is still to come. You may have noticed that FMF has a new format, appearing as “Featured Articles” in Maine TREE’s new monthly e-newsletter, seedlings. This new format continues to provide you with the same great articles you wait for each month while delivering highlights about Maine TREE’s many programs, including Maine Project Learning Tree, Holt Research Forest, and Certified Logging Professional

Maine TREE looks forward to delivering exciting, engaging, and informative stories to your inbox, month after month. We are also exploring how to share these stories in new media formats, expanding how people interact with the Forests for Maine’s Future program. If you’d like to support FMF or any of Maine TREE’s outstanding programs, we encourage you to donate today.  

See you in the woods!

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