The American Forest Foundation(AFF) is inviting family forest landowners and foresters from across the country to join their 2021 National Leadership Conference and Inaugural Landowner Convention from February 23-25.

According to AFF: “The [National Leadership Conference] has historically been an annual event for volunteers and leaders from the American Tree Farm System (ATFS). In later years, the conference expanded to include AFF’s conservation partners from across the country, coming together alongside our ATFS leaders and volunteers to provide opportunities to learn and develop their skillsets. In 2021, the move from the in-person event to online has given us the opportunity to expand the conference further and to invite the landowners we serve and support across the country. To better address the needs and interests of our audience, past participants were surveyed, and session content has been curated based on their interests and needs as family forest landowners, conservation partners, and ATFS volunteers and leaders.”

NLC registration is $50 per attendee and will allow registrants to attend all three days and access all sessions and session materials during and after the conference. CFE details are listed session by session.

The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) was founded in 1941 and is now the oldest and largest forest conservation, certification, and advocacy program in the United States. The first two Tree Farms in Maine were dedicated in 1952, and today, over 1,400 family forest owners are part of the Maine Tree Farm System.

The American Tree Farm System is a program for woodland owners who are committed to sustainably managing their woods for wood, water, wildlife, and recreation.  The Maine Tree Farm Program is administered by a volunteer Committee with County Chairs of dedicated Forestry Professionals and Tree Farmers.

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