Mike St. Peter, the primary safety instructor for Maine TREE’s Certified Logging Professional program, received the Maine Forest Products Council Abby Holman Public Service Award on Monday, September 19, 2022, at the Council’s annual meeting. The award is presented to an individual for outstanding service and demonstrated passion, loyalty, and dedication to Maine’s forest products industry and community.

Don Tardie presented the award to Mike for developing and delivering a quality safety training program (Certified Logging Professionals). “It was an honor to present Mike St. Peter with the Abby Holman Public Service Award for the work he has done to develop the curriculum for and grow the Certified Logging Safety Program (CLP),” said Don Tardie. “Mike’s leadership and passion for safety, coupled with assembling a very competent and professional team, has saved countless lives and prevented much pain and family suffering in our industry. Because of Mike’s hard work, CLP has become a generational training program by certifying over 6,800 loggers in Maine alone. The curriculum he developed has also been taught in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Vermont and New Brunswick, and it has been recognized at the state and national levels.”

“All of us at Maine TREE are proud of Mike and all he has accomplished throughout his career, which spans more than 30 years with the CLP program,” said Logan Johnson, Maine TREE’s Executive Director. “His passion and dedication are unmatched, and because of his work, we’ve seen a demonstrated improvement in logger safety. Please join us in congratulating Mike for receiving this significant award.”

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