Each year, the Maine Tree Farm Program recognizes the superior stewardship of its members through the annual Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year recognition program. This winter, the Maine Tree Farm Committee is thrilled to recognize the 2022 Maine Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year – Vincent and Kathi Seiwert.

Vince and Kathi are the proud owners of Bombadil Tree Farm, a 210-acre woodlot located in Ashland, Maine. Their property has been a part of Maine Tree Farm since 1978, marking 2022 as their 43rd year with the program. Kathi works as a restorative artist, a trade she learned in her parent’s family business as a teenager and has continued for over 40 years. A retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and Medical Officer, Vince maintains his medical license in case of local or national emergency while devoting his time to active sustainable management of his properties.

Vince works diligently to fulfill their ownership goals of sustainably growing and harvesting trees and other forest products, protecting the watershed, enhancing wildlife habitat, and supporting recreational use of the property. Due to Vince and Kathi’s longstanding forest stewardship and commitment to Tree Farm’s values, they were awarded Aroostook County Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year in 2020. This year they were enthusiastically nominated for the State award by their Tree Farm Inspecting Forester, Shawn Bugbee. Vince and Kathi also own a Tree Farm in Georgia named Bombadil Nutzwald, which they plan to certify with the American Tree Farm System.

The Seiwerts demonstrate outstanding efforts to enhance and sustain their forests while promoting spreading the word about sustainable forestry with other small woodlot owners. In addition, Vince produces high-quality educational videos on his Bombadil Tree Farms YouTube channel, which conveys impactful conservation messages and themes. These videos highlight silvicultural clearcutting, salvage cutting, creating access trails, firewood splitting safety, and more.

The Maine Tree Farm Committee looks forward to planning the Tree Farm-Maine Woodland Owners joint 2022 Forestry Field Day Celebration at Bombadil Tree Farm next year. At this event, Maine’s small woodland owners will gather and celebrate the Seiwerts and their exceptional Tree Farm. Congratulations to Vince and Kathi, the 2022 Maine Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year!

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